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Anne Frahm


Bringing balance back to your body


With over 21 years of experience in helping people find the underlying causes of their weakend immune systems, HealthQuarters Ministries can help you regain or maintain your health through natural supplementation. Our Christ centered approach is not only to meet nutritional needs but to balance the "Trinity" (physical, emotional and spiritual) of health. From the common cold to terminal cancer let us be one of the tools you use to regain your health or to prevent degenerative diseases. see Lodge


“I had a diagnosis of Stage 1C ovarian cancer in 2004. It was discovered during surgery. I refused the prescribed chemo. Didn't make sense to me to further weaken a body already compromised enough to develop cancer. I did the HQM lodge program and 7 weeks later had a cancer free report because we addressed the cause. I changed the way I eat and added the supplements needed to strengthen my immune system. I still see the oncologist every 6 month. He tells me I must be doing the right thing. But, he sure pressured me to do four months of chemo. Never did it.”  -Barbara B

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Since 1994 HealthQuarters Ministries has helped thousands of people regain their health both physically and spiritually. Specializing in health through nutrition, HealthQuarters Ministries educates those who want to take control of their own health while implementing any diet and lifestyle changes necessary.



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Anne Frahm


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