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Testimonies from Our Clients

It is hard to describe in words what a blessing it is to receive testimonies and praise from those we try so hard to help. As a staff every morning we pray for our clients and alumni to be healed by our Creator and merciful Father above, so when you write in with your individual stories and feedback we know we are doing something right. Thank you for your continual support and for giving us the opportunity to serve you. May God bless you.


Our most recent testimonies

Thanks for your important newsletters and books. I'm on the thyroid and adrenal supports and also using progesterone cream, as a result of your input. Definitely helped!!! God bless you! -Martha

I have used a lot of your guidelines. I have been living with breast cancer for 19 years, on and off but mostly on. Doctors have made major mistakes but God has kept me alive, Glory to God!!! -Nancy

God is so close and so good! He healed me of my ovarian cancer in 1996. No recurrence despite no toxic treatments! God.... please continue to use HealthQuarters Ministries! -Rosie 

My cancer is gone through prayer and nutrition. No surgery, No chemo, no radiation. -SW

I was so happy to see that you have published your new book! We will be ordering some with our next supplement order. Will you autograph them? How is the new office working out? I was so sorry that you had to leave the lodge site. I know how much work you all put into it and the hopes you had for expansion. Very cool that God provided a buyer so quickly though, and that you have been so flexible and open to new things. I am on Day 4 of my 12th fast. Can't believe it has been a full year since I started this program and have had such a focused life. I had an MRI which showed that the cancer in my nipple is gone and that the cancer in the other tissue has not spread. The doctors were surprised (since they think I am just putting off surgery) and I was encouraged. Some blood work showed that my white blood cells are a bit lethargic and red blood cells are irregular in shape. I have increased my time on the re bounder recently in a effort to get my system moving. My sister had a body scan that showed no cancer cells in her. She is continuing to follow the program (as $ allows). Also Cindy has had some difficult news of cancer in her brain and thigh. She felt unable to stick with the program and has felt ashamed of that. But she shares that her devotion to Jesus has never been the same since coming to HealthQuarters. She is closer to Him then ever and He carries her through. Please remember these to in your prayers. Blessings to you. hanks for fighting the good fight and promoting Truth. -D

Hey Mr. Frahm... thanks for getting my supplements to me in such short order! They were on my door step after my early morning bike ride. HealthQuarters has the best staff I've ever had the privilege of working with... please tell Brandy that as well. :) -Sharon

Hi everyone! Well, Chuck got his CT scan on Friday, and today the results came back...... drum roll, please..... Two of the six tumors in his lungs are GONE, and the remaining ones were "GREATL:Y REDUCED!" We are praising God. You guys at HealthQuarters are awesome! Thank you so much for what you do! It's working - you knew it would. :) -Angie

Hi Dave and staff, Thank you for the newsletter, I enjoy each issue especially Dave's column which puts it all in biblical/spiritual perspective. I believe in your ministry and hope this donation helps defray some of the printing and mailing costs. Thanks again, - Elaine

I began my journey to reclaiming my health almost 6 years ago- what an adventure. I am so thankful for your faithful service and helpful advice. It's amazing how far I've come, Thank you. -Dana 

Thinking of all you at HealthQuarters and all that you do for us. Thank you. I appreciate having this much-needed health ministry in our community. -Dianna

Hi Doc and HealthQuarters staff-- Here is the latest photo of our "little" family. Thank you for the services you provide in Our Lord's Name, Jesus Christ! AMEN! I would not be around for all of these children if God had not led me to all of you. Our prayer is for God to bless you abundantly NOW in this upcoming year. With love and prayers, -Jill

Hi Ben, Thanks for taking my order and holding it until you received the money order. My husband came to HealthQuarters in November 2006. He is now virtually cancer free although continues to have occasional light doses of chemo. We continue to follow the "main theme" of the HQ program and my husband is strong and able to hike regularly, golf, fish, hunt and serve in our home church though his prognosis in 2006 was grim. We pray often for the HQ ministry team and hope things are going well for you and your family. Thanks for your help. -Arden

Just wanted to say - I absolutely love your new website!!! Thanks sooooooo much for all you do! -Bonnie

Dear Dave, Trish & HQ Staff, Just wanted you all to know how you have blessed and changed not only my life, but that of my entirefamily. I praise God for each of you and how he has used you for His purposes. May His peace sustain you in these difficult times and His faithfulness encourage your hearts. You are all in my prayers everyday. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the sacrifices you all have made. You are the Best!! -Sharon

Your Newsletters are so filled with wonderful educational materials, Dr Frahm. I do copy them and send them on with any of my letters that go our. It is great to hear you have made a new move and that is always exciting, like spring time, new things keep popping up. We are so blessed to have such great technology that we can receive mail by e-mail and save postage. Congratulations on finishing another book. I would like our book "The Breast Cancer Pattern". Do please sign the book for me. Thanks for educating so many people as you are doing. -Joyce

My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer on his tongue in Oct. 2004 with less than a 20% chance of survival. We went to Germany and the Bahamas for alternative treatments and they worked for awhile. He was taking every supplement I could find that would fight cancer. But Sept. of 2005, he told me that he couldn't breathe anymore when he laid down on his back because the cancer was growing. He decided to go ahead with chemo and radiation even though we knew his chances weren't good. He finished that on Dec. 15, 2005. His kids came for Christmas and we all agreed that he probably wouldn't last a month. He looked and felt terrible. He didn't eat except with a feeding tube or talk for 6 months. Somehow he pulled through. Then July of 2007 he was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer - Stage IV. Doc said he had 1, maybe 2 years. They could do chemo but it only worked 33% of the time & would give him another year. He went to HealthQuarters instead! He is doing great! Today is 10/11/09! HealthQuarters is why my husband is alive today! ­–Carol


Dave, Trisha, and staff, I attended the Lodge Session in June of 2008 after being diagnosed with lymphoma in my breast. This was a strange form of cancer that the oncologists had rarely ever seen.

One doctor wanted to rush me into chemotherapy, another said radiation, and a panel of tumor specialists said to do both, even though the tumor had been removed during the biopsy and the PET scan showed no further tumor growths.

I have been an RN for over 25 years, have seen a lot, and knew what I didn’t want. My husband and I committed the treatment decision to the Lord and asked for His leading. We rather miraculously came across a book called "Cancer Step Outside the Box" which spoke of alternative treatments and this idea of nutrition and building the immune system rather than destroying it. It all made sense to us.

The back of the book recommended clinics across the country for this type of treatment and there was "HealthQuarters Ministries" so highly regarded and so close to home.

The Lodge program was fantastic and so well organized. We left for home encouraged, empowered with knowledge and God's strength. This program and the ongoing support has changed my life and also my husbands, who attended with me. I feel great and regularly consult with Dr. Anderson for blood work analysis and make adjustments as necessary.

By the way I was cancer free after my 1st  AMAS test in Sept. 2008 and over a year later continue to be cancer free. I have an oncologist who follows my progress, and has told me she would consider doing the same program if this happened to her.

I am blessed that my experiences have touched others. I have friends and family telling other friends and family. Praise God for that! I am Looking forward to Dave's new book to share with others.

I thank the Lord everyday for your commitment, hard work and love for HIM and during these hard financial times I pray that He would help you not just to survive but thrive. Your ministry is too important and people need to know the truth.

I would be happy to share my experiences and testimony with anyone considering this program.

Blessing to you All. – Rita


April 2009 marked the 2nd anniversary of my stay at HealthQuarters in Colorado. I thank God for all that I learned there. It has not only changed my health, but my life as well. I continue to have blood work, and thermo grams to monitor things. Each time the results come back with a clear indication that my cancer has been arrested. These dietary and lifestyle changes have also had lasting benefits for my family. Tunch, the Kids, mother, and Ayten have all been so supportive. I enjoy helping others with eating and preparing raw foods, juice fasting and addressing deficiencies with supplementation. Plus, I am just so excited about how I feel, and I’m sleeping better then I have in years. Praise God for all of you at Health Quarters!! Sharon


I am praying for HQM during these difficult financial times, and I’ve asked others to pray as well. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t attended your lodge session last April. Certainly not pain free, and with energy to live a productive life, as I’m doing right now. I’ve incorporated everything I learned from you guys into my daily life and am able to manage my fibro myalgia and cfs, so that it is just a minor nuisance every once in a while.  I am now able to resume my career as a speech pathologist. I work with devopmentally disabled adults and children, and am inspired by them every day. I will continue to pray that HQM is able to help others live the life God intended for them. Big hugs to you all. -Amy


Dave, How can we thank you??!! You took a very difficult time in your life and turned it into a ministry to help thousands of others. I am sure you never stop missing what you had with Anne. I am sorry for the heartache her illness and death brought to you and your family. Loneliness is something that I know well due to circumstances in my life, and yet, you have continued to move forward, researching, studying, and teaching in an effort to bring good health into the lives of others. I will pray that you won’t get discouraged. God is using you in an awesome way. Thank you for all that the program has done for me. I hope that I too will be able to glorify God through all that I am learning. -Carol


Hey Everyone, I just wanted to share my good news. I just got back from my doctors in Denton today and I got my latest blood work results. Last month my white blood count was at 155, and this time it has dropped to 87!! Amazing! Thank you all for all your continued prayers and positive energy you constantly send my way. Once again the Lord is truly able to keep his promises… I am not surprised, but oh so grateful! I am now 77 points to being normal – smiles! Love to you all, talk to you soon, much love and light. -Amy


Hey everybody, I just wanted to let you know I got really good news from my doctor today, I am cancer free!! No more doctors… All my blood and platelets are normal, I have to have another CT scan in 3 months to make sure all is well, but for now… I’m very, very healthy and very, very happy! Thanks for all the prayers and positive energy ya’ll have continually sent my way! I appreciate it more then I can tell ya! Hugs and kisses ya’ll. Hope to see you all soon. Love and Light. -Amy


On Friday afternoon, we got the report from this quarters MRI scans. Of the 5 tumors on my spine, one can no longer be seen, the one that shrunk by the end of last quarter is now dead, and the 3 large ones are stable, meaning no new growth at all. We are praising God and continue to feel confirmed in following the healing program.

Following the HQM program feels like normal now, even to my husband. The hardest part for me was to halt the adrenaline-rushed madness that seemed to consume my life before cancer. I’m deeply convicted about that and desire to change and live a life of rest and joy and offer grace. I don’t always know when enough is enough. So, when praying for me, pray that I listen well to the spirit and rest in him more. Having this cancer slowly reversed astounds us. I live with a sense of worship that makes me cry often throughout each day. We serve the Beginning and the End and the Great I am, and that is truly the great story of each of our lives. –Michelle


Thank you for your work, and getting a suggestion from both Dr. Anderson and Dr. Frahm for Jason about clipping tendons in the knees. Jason was able to be strong for himself in the matter. This is quite a time for him to develop his own confidence. He was asked once if he didn’t trust the nurses, he responded; “I trust God, The Lord has been precious.”

Thank you for working to help the people who are hurting. May the glory of God shine brightly in our dark world. -Carolyn


Staff at HQM, I was so shocked when I opened the box from ya’ll. I cant tell you what a blessing it was. I could never thank you enough, I have felt better since I started taking them (all of the vitamins that I needed) When my husband Dan was sick it was so nice to be able to call and talk to someone who knew what to do. “The Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine on you.” Thank you so much!! -Crystal


Testimonies Concerning our Lodge Program:

"I went through your clinic June of 1997.  I had breast cancer at the time (Surgery, May 97’).  It’s been 8 years.  I thank the Lord He made me aware of your clinic.  Thank you for what you are doing by following the Lord’s leading & helping so many." -Loretta


"This program has given me my life.  I know by following this program, I’m going to live.  I know my body will get my cancer out.  I know the body can heal itself AND NOW I have the tools because of you.  This program is complete with repeat information taught by gifted teachers.  The staff at HealthQuarters is very patient and open to let us come to our own understanding.  That is the brilliant thing about you as a staff, you present the information, back it with testimonies or facts and leave it at that." -C.J.


"It was like a much needed retreat & a vacation away from my busy life at home.  I feel renewed, built up & refreshed.  I went to God’s will & will be healed of thyroid cancer & help others.  A friend from Roseville MN, Sarah C.  has a lot of your books and has been receiving your newsletters for years.  She has never been here herself, but believes in your ministry & has been a tremendous support to help me get here.  I’m truly grateful for her life too!  I feel it’s saved my life!  I could not have done this on my own.  The community of others is really helpful & invaluable.  I appreciated all the teaching and re-teaching to get this in us.  I’m grateful to have had a few crisis’s to learn from too.  I also know you and others I met are a phone call or e-mail away for extra support, questions, encouragement.  Thank you all at HealthQuarters & or Dave for starting this ministry.  I’ll keep in touch!  Bless all of you!" -Michele


"This has been so spiritually uplifting to me – so refreshing!!  I have also learned may little things which will make my journey back to health easier.  I believe the Lord brought me here to get the “HQM” program I was doing more into line with the actual HQM program.  The training was very explicit and very hands on.  (The rooms are darling and so comfortable!  They are also very well stocked).  It was so good to meet the staff members who had already been ministering to me and those I had not yet met.  I thank the Lord for each of you!  Everyone does his/her job as unto the Lord with joy and enthusiasm.  Dave, please come stay with us whenever you get out our way.  I would love for our family to meet you!  You are a very special man!" –Kathy


"I purchased Cancer Battle Plana few years ago when my cousin was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  She did not embrace the book but I did – though I did not commit to the program/lifestyle until my own situation led me here.  It has been life-changing, empowering, and a light at the end of the tunnel… a God – appointment!  I have had in the back of my mind for years the desire to come and finally life’s circumstances left me at the cross-roads.  I believe I would not have been successful trying to implement the program on my own.  It is truly the best decision or I guess “obedient response to God’s healing”  I have ever made.  I continue to pray and faithfully believe I will never be the same.  It’s a little scary to now go back to “real world” as we left it and make the changes needed.  Here we all speak the same language and you make it easy for us to carve out the schedule to revolve around each of us individually.  I think you’ve given us the tools and now we need to put them to use.  Having each other – (probably for life) as well as the support if needed from HQM, helps make the thought of having to leave more do-able…  Everyone on staff has truly been and will continue to be a blessing to me….. may each of you feel His touch in a very special way as you continue in service in His army!" -Linda


"Our pastor’s wife gave us your book “A Cancer Battle Plan” the Day Scottie was diagnosed with cancer.  For the first time in our lives we are treating our bodies like the temples that God created us to be.  The discipline will be up to us when we get home and have all the distractions of life thrown at us.  With God’s help we are going to do this.  We’ve never been so determined or felt so empowered by anything else in our lives.  We have never felt so excited about making changes.  We’ve tried to do it ourselves at home with no success.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts for giving us so much information.  We will be forever grateful to you and your wonderful staff for bringing to the front of our minds the importance of nutrition, a healthy lifestyle in general and our relationship with God!"
-Scottie & Donna


"My nutritionist shared the tape of Anne’s recovery with me while we were still trying to decide what treatments to take.  We have been on your mailing list ever since and really enjoy your newsletter.  When my cancer came back last August, we knew this is what we should do.  It’s been a wonderful experience.  I love the spiritual aspect but the information and the knowledge I received was amazing.  After 5 years of struggling, I finally have all the pieces of the puzzle to a full recovery.  I hope and pray that God will use me to help and guide other fellow strugglers as well.  God Bless You!  Thanks for everything!  Thanks for the wonderful cookbook!  Thanks for Terry and Trish.  They were an amazing blessing to me.  I can’t imagine them being anywhere else but here.  Loved the tours!  Loved the singing and testimony night!  (very uplifting)."


"One week after I was diagnosed and after my surgery, a cousin lent me your “Cancer Battle Plan” book which was also borrowed from a friend.  When I came to San Francisco April 2005, I bought my own copy of the book and learned that you have a lodge program.  I searched the Internet and learned more about HQM.  Coming here is the best decision I’d ever made since I was diagnosed to have cancer.  From reading your “Cancer Battle Plan” book I already have a little idea of how nutrition and proper elimination can heal cancer, but I also know that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!”  I’d been doing juicing and enema for 1 ½ years, and now I know that I’d been doing some of them inaccurately.  The most important thing I learned here is the “muscle test”, which is an invaluable tool in our battle plan.  You’ve been so generous in sharing your knowledge to us and providing us with this notebook and other reading materials.  If ever I’d forget something, I can always re-read these.  Now, I’m really confident that I can beat this cancer and be able to share the knowledge that I’d learned here to my friends who are also battling cancer and other ailments.  Your rooms are so pretty and cozy.  It’s so thoughtful of you to provide us with everything we need and more.  I just love the spiritual sharing parts of your program.  It’s so touching and heart-warming to be able to share and listen to other peoples’ experience and testimonies.  I also love the singing partJ.  Thank you very much for the tours, Church service and the nice banquet.  You have a lovely family and very efficient and friendly and helpful staff.  I’m looking forward to receiving and reading your newsletter." -Gladys


"This program has taught me about LIVING!  It has empowered me to make positive, healthy, life affirming changes in my mind, bodyand spirit.  It has kindled a flame of hope in my heart that is priceless.  This program takes a very comprehensive and well-rounded approach to recovering your health from dis-ease.  This program has already succeeded in giving me my life back.  I am ready to roll.  This week of training has been invaluable in building my confidence level.  I can’t wait to see how high I can turn up the volume when I get home.  I loved the numerous opportunities we had to ask questions – it was great to be able to try something out and then get immediate feedback.  I also enjoyed the sightseeing – the trip to the mountain was simply breathtaking and awe-inspiring.  I loved the praise, worship and church outing.  It all ministered to my heart and soul in a mighty way.  Everyone here shines so brightly with the love of Christ – it was so healing to be surrounded by that love.  (Also, I loved hearing all of the letters from previous lodge guests).  I know that God led me here (although I can’t remember the specifics of how I was led to your website).  But I am excited to be an ambassador to lead others your way." -Cherie


"HealthQuarters is an oasis of hope in a desert of misery and misinformation. I am so thankful someone has searched and found the way, and I truly believe it is God’s way-His answer to today’s health problems. I will be an advocate and supporter the rest of my days." - Faith S.


"Going through the Lodge program has changed my life!! It has taken away my feelings of desperation and confusion and given me a renewed hope and battle plan... I have no doubt that my time here has been God’s perfect plan for me... Thank you for being so available, willing to listen and answer our questions, being such good teachers, and showing Jesus to us through your lives." - Cindy H.


"Going through HQM Lodge program has changed the course of my life... I found Jesus taking my hand and leading me back to the garden for the healing of my body and spirit... This has been one of the most beneficial experiences in all my life." – Cynthia


"Thank you again, for your ministry. I learned so much from you and your staff that will help me and my family... I muscle tested my husband when I got home. He tested as having a weak thyroid, depleted essential fatty acids, sluggish colon, low brain chemistry and yeast. What an awesome tool you’ve taught us!" - Pat H.


"I am totally committed to what you taught us, and am feeling extremely well. I know that the law of sowing and reaping is now working for me rather than against me. I’m thankful that the Lord has intervened in my life. Your ministry is the greatest tool in my cancer-fighting tool chest... I’ll be sharing my testimony with my church soon, introducing them to a summary of the education I received at HealthQuarters Lodge." - Becky C.



Lodge Guest/Client Success Stories:

"Please send me your newsletter.  Attending the juice fast classes was the best thing for my health.  It has been one year since Chemo & Radiation.  An abdominal and pelvic scan was negative.  My 3-month doctor exams have been normal.  I feel good and slowly I’m losing weight, about 67 pounds so far.  Would love to come for a follow-up visit.  Thanks so much for your dedication.  Please use money for building project.  Thank you again." -June


"I got a good report from my PET scan. It stated ‘metastases of the lung and lumbar appear to be healed.’ Praise the Lord!!... I have been taking my supplements and staying on the 80/20 diet. I’m now on my monthly juice fast, thinking about going for 14 days... I am so grateful to HealthQuarters Ministries for giving me so many weapons to use in battling this disease."
- Lou Anne


"I’ve stayed on the diet and daily enemas for one year. All my tests show NO cancer, thanks to your great program and a miracle from God... still taking the supplements and eating organic and free range. I have truly been blessed... I know God has saved me to help others, and that is my goal." – Barbara 


"I had blood tests done recently. All came back completely normal. Also did an ultrasound... Everything looks A-OK. No cancer. I’m still doing the 80/20 diet, and juice fasting one week each month. Getting ready to start fast #5, and have several friends going through it with me."
- Tonye


"Things are going great for me. I’ve been sticking as much as possible to what you taught us... just returned from the Mayo Clinic. My blood work passed with flying colors... doctor has told me to stay with whatever it is I’m doing. I listed all the supplements I was taking, and he added it to his report." - Pepper


"I will be forever grateful to the wonderful friend who put me in touch with your ministry. It has helped me so much over the years, and I am feeling better now than before I had cancer! Thank you for all you do to educate us on eating right and treating our bodies the way God planned for us in the beginning." – Virginia


"Several years ago my daughter and I attended your Lodge program. It changed our lives! She’s cancer-free. I’m a healthier 73-year old. No drugs, more energy, less pain. A blessing!" - Astrid


I’m doing great. My blood work for the tumor maker test is going downward. It was 400 then dropped to 259, and is now 190. It went down 70 points in just one month. The doctor is very pleased and amazed, and has told me to keep doing what I’m doing." - Linda


"Thank you for all of your help! I’m so thankful that I’m regaining my health. I agree-you can’t minister effectively when you’re sick. I’m amazed at how aware I’m becoming about my body and what I put into it." – Dana


Testimonies concerning office and phone consultations.

"Thank you for your response about the Progest cream.  I’ve made the switch  -  we’ll see how first of February will go.  Thank you too for your note about the rose Absolute Oil  - You have been so thoughtful.  I apologize for putting the pressure on.  God knows what he’s doing  -  building character, etc.  Jason went way up on pain related supplements today  -we used to test them every day and they seemed so steady we went to testing them only on the once a week test times.  The most remarkable was Catnip going from one to thirteen!  Jason says his upper ribs have been “popping”  -  loosening at joints.  (1-20) yesterday catnip was Zero  -  Jason said it did it’s job  -  helped his ribs and lower back to not be so painful as they loosen.  Other pain relievers have gone up  -  to compensate for Rose.  It has been good to have Bromelain Plus back.  Jason found it went right to work on places that had frozen back up without it  -  so thankful for such help.  He has a sore wrist (probably dislocated)  -  that the Bromelain is working on.  He was able to lift his bottom off the bed slightly yesterday when sitting up  -  He’s pretty excited  -  but all his lower joints hurt afterwards.  He’s noticing his upper body  -  torso, head and arms  -  move pretty easily now  -  so more patience for the lower to get flexible.  Patience but possible  -  and with the Pharmaceuticals it was all down hill.  Similar to the good news of the gospel.  So again we say Thank You, Thank You for your work.  So thankful we’ve been referred to you  -- Now it is our turn.  Did want to say Jason feels Pregnenolone is doing a lot to build muscle and give energy  -  like what he thought the Progain might do for him.  He is looking forward to getting the L-Tryptophan  and the Royal Maca – Oh – also that to tell you about how Jason uses Myrrh on his gums  -  rubs on with cottonswab after every meal  -  finds it keeps them from being so sore so he can enjoy eating.  So many details in life.  God is good and God is great to teach us to care for one another.  Love and Prayers." –Carolyn


"My daughter has an 18 year old son who has bone cancer. She has been talking to one of your health counselors for over a year now. Through the help of HealthQuarters Ministries, many wonderful small miracles have taken place." - Richard


"I want to thank you ever so much for all the support you have provided me over the past few months in guiding me further with my treatment in our phone conversations.  I may need to get some further guidance in the coming months, but am encouraged by the slow process.  I realize that I have put extra demands on you given the severity of my case.  You have been so kind to respond as best as you can given all the other people in need.  I would like to help support HealthQuarters as best I can for your extra effort.  At this time I am somewhat financially strapped as my expenses exceed my income and I am spending savings.  Please accept this contribution as a first installment over time." -Matthew


"I just did my 13th liver/gallbladder flush as per instruction in A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook. It has always proven successful. This time I passed about 300 stones, of which 30 were pea sized and the rest smaller." – Charlotte


Testimonies Concerning MRT

"I had not been sleeping at night for 7 years. I’d surrendered myself to it because it was a season of learning to pray through the night. But after being muscle tested by Dr. Frahm at a recent health conference at Glen Eyrie (home of the Navigator Ministry), and having him identify how thyroid function, I began taking the herbal products he suggested to help it. I’ve been sleeping well every night since. Rather than being prescribed a sleeping pill, which I would never have taken anyway, Dave was able to get to the cause-a nutritional deficiency in my body." - Phyllis S. (Colorado Springs, CO)


"I have learned that one of the most profound healing strategies, next to prayer, involves normalization of the body’s electrical circuitry through testing the muscle strength in response to a challenge that is given it." - Dr. Joseph M., D.O. (Schaumburg, IL)


"Thank you so much for your new book, How to Be Your Own Best Nutritionist-Don’t Guess, Muscle Test. I’m finding it to be immensely helpful in my new health ministry... I’m thankful to you for writing it, and making it available to the public. What an incredible help and blessing!" 
- Jane H. (Milwaukee, WI)


"I used MRT to test my mom, dad, aunt and a friend…They were wowed by the whole thing, and wrote down the names of all your books." - Tonye C. (Albuquerque, NM)


"I wanted to thank you for seeing my husband, and let you know how much your personalized nutritional assessment and advice relieved and encouraged him. Yesterday and today, he was angry, nervous, restless and depressed. All he could see was death, a colostomy bag, and being unable to function... Once you tested him and spoke your words of encouragement; my husband was free to be himself again. You restored his hope... Thank you for doing what you do. I don’t know anyone else who could have turned his attitude from expecting death to hope." - Jill M. (Pueblo, CO)



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